Marian Dreyfus - Ground Zero volunteer / Writer / journalist specializing in health issues.
STWS Yoga class has been the highlight of my week. I am experiencing in this class a deeper level of relaxation, peace, wholeness and caring from the teacher, than I have experienced in any other yoga class or workshop.
Jennifer Spano - Salvation Army (Tent) volunteer
The yoga class was my entry back to physical exercise. For a period of some months when I couldn't muster the energy to work out and couldn't even face how out of shape I was, I was able to at least go to yoga and get some exercise. Though I was absolutely exhausted at the end of the week on Friday the yoga always revived me and gave me a second wind.
Darren Taylor - NYC Firefighter
In the very best yogic tradition Nehemiah Bar-Yehuda, in his STWS yoga class, combines rigor with humor and compassion to teach in new ways the ancient and tested verities of yoga. I always leave his class feeling both grounded and elevated.
Theodore Frank, Junior - Teacher, Writer and Actor
When I started to utilize the centering, balance and alignment techniques that I have learned in the various yoga postures to prepare myself to hit a golf ball, I took all my other golf partners (and even myself), by complete surprise when I was reaching the green consistently from 200+ yards away. I'm playing now with a new level of preciseness.
I have been participating in the STWS Yoga Program for about one year now, and I have noticed an ever-increasing awareness of my posture and my general well-being. Between the once-a-week Yoga Class and an average of two home practice sessions per week, I have noticed a marked improvement in my overall flexibility (not to mention a lowering of my golf score). I have also been taking the Cleansing Herbs for two years. I have found that the Yoga poses and breathing combined with the Herbal Supplements have been extremely helpful to my overall well-being and my respiratory rehabilitation since Ground Zero.
Ted Frank - Senior Project Manager for N.Y.C., Dept. of Design & Construction.
I highly recommend that all my fellow Ground Zero Workers, Volunteers and NYC Residents who were affected by the pollution take advantage of this successful program.
Evelyn Goodman, STWS Volunteer - Retired advocate, NY State Division of Human Rights
I have Bursitis. After taking yoga for many years, my body never felt this good after one class. Nechemiah is a gifted teacher and body-mind practitioner. His touch in the restorative poses took my healing and deep relaxation experience to another level.
Rashmi Jaipal, PhD, STWS Volunteer - Cross-cultural psychologist, Bloomfield College N.J.
I am enrolled in Nechemiah's weekly 2 hour yoga classes. When I went for the first class I had been suffering from lower back pain for some months off and on and I thought I would not be able to do the exercises. But under Nechemiah's gentle guidance I found I was able to do the postures and exercises that really helped my back. After one session my back felt much better. By the second session my backache had gone and now, after 5 or 6 sessions, my body feels much healthier and more balanced and my back feels strong and supple. He has a benevolent and healing presence, guiding people through the exercises with warmth and humor.
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