G.F. – Verizon, Property/Facility Manager at the WTC
On the morning of 9/11/01, I was the Property/Facility Manager at the Verizon building located directly across/beneath the WTC complex. After the planes hit, I took charge of evacuation efforts with my building team and others. While on a call to headquarters, I felt our building shake and almost immediately the walls & ceiling caved in on top of me. I was covered in debris and all of the dust from the collapse of the first tower. My guys knew I was in my office at the time and they were able to get me out.
A few months after the attack, I started to develop breathing problems. I had my lungs checked and found that my lung capacity was 69%. After 27 months at Ground Zero, I had progressive trouble with breathing, catching my breath and just generally not feeling well. When I retired at the end of 2003, my lung capacity was 62%. I was prescribed a host of inhalers, antibiotics, prednisone and other drugs. Nothing was really helping. I was told about your program and started to take the herbs a few months ago. They've helped more than anything I've tried in the past. I sleep better and more soundly, I can breath easier with little or no cough at times and in general, I can see a huge difference in my health. Thank you for everything.
As a NYC firefighter, the events of 9/11 accelerated the harmful physiological effects of a decade of occupational exposure to environmental pollutants. I was frequently depressed, had difficulty maintaining concentration, lost interest in formerly pleasurable activities and suffered more frequent and debilitating colds.
I began a regimen of dietary supplementation with these products in April 2007, and the effects have been impressive. I have greater clarity of thought, less anxiety and enhanced stamina. These results were achieved at 50% of the prescribed dosage. I have benefited greatly from these products and I stand amazed that they are so readily available. STWS has been exceedingly helpful and supportive.
B.M. – Area worker
On the morning of September 11, 2001, I went to my client's office located at One New York Plaza next to Battery Park. We all know the tragic events of that day. Although I was breathing through a handkerchief, it was impossible to avoid inhaling a tremendous amount of dust and smoke.
Approximately 16 months after this event, a strange rash began appearing on my hands and scalp that spread all over my body. I went to 3 dermatologists, an allergist and an ear doctor but I found no significant or lasting relief.
I was introduced to STWS and I decided to begin your program in May 2004, and I have been using your formulas for over four months now. Within about three weeks after I started taking the herbs, I began to notice a reduction of the affected skin patches. My rash slowly diminished more as the weeks passed and I consistently followed the guidelines of the program. I am extremely pleased to say that my skin rashes are now completely gone. You have my gratitude and highest recommendations.
P.C. – VP FDNY Retirees, Staten Island
I have developed lung problems partly from my years as a firefighter and partly from my participation in the 9/11 cleanup. Since participating in the STWS program, I have seen a marked improvement in my lung capacity as well as improvement in my ability to get a good night's sleep. My sleep apnea problem has improved, and this has been over a period of the last six months. I have also personally witnessed a retired firefighter's lung capacity improve from 35% to 62%. This was accomplished over a period of two years of taking these herbal supplements.
O.D. – FDNY firefighter
I was a FDNY firemen for 25 years, and I was at Ground Zero for an extended period of time. Before 9/11 I didn't suffer from any of the medical problems I started having problems with later on. Afterwards, I suffered from bronchitis and the WTC Cough, with my voice coming and going. I had problems with my sinuses, and I continue to have Acid Reflex problems. I wasn't sleeping very well.
2 years after hearing about STWS I started taking the herbs on a regular basis, and four or five months later it started to make a difference. I was sleeping better, when I got a cold it wasn't as severe as it had been, and I no longer was sick with bronchitis. The WTC Cough is no longer a problem for me.
Thank you to STWS for being there for me.
R.S. – FDNY firefighter
I went for my WTC follow up physical. Keep in mind, I've had no regular exercise, my workload is unbearable, the stress level both at work and the ambulance I volunteer in is just increasing. My eating habits stink.
BUT- my B/P dropped 20 points back to normal and my cholesterol, which I assumed would be really bad due to my really poor eating habits, is normal. The only variable I can see is I've kept with the herbs as much as possible. Not real scientific data but I'm can't see any other reason for the lower B/P and the cholesterol. Thank You.
D.C. – Dept. of Design and Construction, NYC
Before I was involved with the Serving Those Who Serve program, I had some serious concerns about my health. After being treated and put on medication by two doctors for breathing problems, I also began noticing that I was having problems with my concentration, loss of memory and trouble sleeping which was starting to affect my work. After attending one meeting, I realized that these same symptoms were shared by others who worked at Ground Zero. Once I started taking the Ayurvedic herbs for about one and a half weeks, I began to notice that I was sleeping better.
After three weeks, I realized that I was able to concentrate on what I was doing and without loss of memory. I have been taking the herbal supplements for approximately three months now and I am feeling better than I have since before 9/11. I would like to thank all the people connected with this program.
J.S. – FDNY firefighter, and health practitioner
You have been SO HELPFUL in my healing...really. I know how it is to be on the other end of that and I know you're not doing it "for the money" so please accept my heartfelt thanks for all you have given to me in helping me along the way on my healing path. One of the things I will be using this life for is to heal others.
– FDNY firefighter
Just receiving free herbal supplements, having someone care enough, that in itself helps.
M.K. – Dept. of Design and Construction, NYC
Since I have been on the Ayurvedic herbal detox I have been able to walk, run, laugh and enjoy life again. I wish everybody who was at the WTC would start right away. In 3 months I feel like a new man. I am able to spend good times with my family again, thanks to the STWS Ayurvedic herbal detox program.
C.K. – Dept. of Design and Construction, Ground Zero supervisor
After having a pulse reading from Dr. Naram in April 2003, I was totally impressed. He knew about physical ailments I had, not just from working at Ground Zero but prior to that - high toxins from Agent Orange from my tour in Vietnam. I started taking my daily herbs and within 1 and 1/2 months, a problem I've had (gastrointestinal) was slowly fading away and to this day, it has not returned. Maybe other physical changes will take place but as of today I feel a thousand times better.
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