Arty Fitzpatrick - (Capt.) FDNY
The first night of the workshop, my wife was going to see her mother in Connecticut and figured she would join me for the first class. As soon as we walked out of that Friday night class, she called her mother and told her she would not be making it to Connecticut for the weekend. Since then, it has been amazing... we do our breathing exercises together every morning. For guys on the job it is a great way to let go of stress and anxiety some of which we, as firemen, are not always aware of.
Darren Taylor - FDNY
The Breath-Body-Mind Workshop conducted by Dr. Richard Brown with assistance from Master Robert Peng in association with STWS has provided a fascinating and profoundly useful insight into the human body's amazing capacity to restore and indeed transform itself using subtle directions from the mind. Dr. Brown and Master Peng lucidly explain and demonstrate how to use breath and intention to effect healthful outcomes. This workshop is well suited to firefighters and other rescue workers who have received particularly dangerous exposures to toxins associated with the WTC tragedy.
Ted Frank - Senior Construction Project Mgr., NYC Dept. of Design & Construction Donna Frank - Teacher
After attending the Workshop last month, we start the day with just 15 minutes of breathing exercises... they've made a substantial difference in our sense of well being. Donna has rheumatoid arthritis, and since she has been doing the breathing exercises she has had a significant reduction in both pain and swelling in her joints. We both feel more energetic and coherent during the day. If we skip a day we can feel the difference.
Sydney Reynolds - Minister, Ground Zero volunteer
An auto accident in May resulted in a fractured pelvis that required several surgeries and ongoing physical therapy. Since that time, I have developed the tendency to hold my breath while awake and during sleep - a symptom of post-traumatic stress. My surgeries have also left me with dizziness associated with certain head movements. The workshop enabled me to catch myself holding my breath and, through the breath work, I am breathing again and no longer experience dizziness.
JM - 31 yr. old woman - Works on William Street with office windows facing the Towers
I worked across from the Twin Towers. On September 11th, 2001, my entire world was shaken upside down, emptied out, thrown off course. I went through 2002, 2003, and most of 2004 numb. The emotions that I did experience were fear, anxiety, depression, sadness, worry and hopelessness. Finally, after years of weekly therapy and a cocktail of four prescription drugs, I started to come back to my life and, while in school, I had the wonderful opportunity to take a yogic breathing class.
In a video clip, I saw how this breathing technique had helped war veterans, civilians whose lives had been torn apart by wars, people in poverty stricken villages, and inner city teens labeled as violent and high risk. After a weekend workshop led by Dr. Richard Brown (a true hero!), I saw how the technique could be effective. Since taking the workshop I have been a happier, more focused, less depressed, less anxious, and calmer individual. I have cut two of the four medications out of my life, and I am lowering the dosages on the others. I attribute this to the gift of breath work that I now happily incorporate into my daily routine.
Kristina - Downtown resident, a student of Breathwork Therapy
I was so amazed and inspired by attending the follow-up breathing session with Dr. Brown. All the members of my class look so soothed and present - it was really incredible. Everyone was really loving! I'm really looking forward to attending another class.
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