We were all very moved by the story of one woman who had volunteered at St. Paul's Chapel. She courageously shared her story this particular night because it marked a very dark day, 1 year ago, when she tried to commit suicide.
For months, she had counseled rescue and recovery workers at the site and listened to their horror stories and their grieving. Brushing the toxic ash off of their clothing and comforting them, she compassionately absorbed their sorrow and pain along with the toxic environment. Unfortunately, she did not take the time to relieve herself of the emotional burden she had accepted. The following year, after months of spiraling into a black hole of depression, she was ready to take her life.
She said she always thought of herself as a strong woman but at this point, not even her children were enough to live for. She called her sister who urged her to get help. She had tried to initiate the herbal detox but stopped because everything seemed useless. One of our cofounders who had worked closely with her at St Paul's kept in close contact with her and urged her to take her herbs. Eventually, he got through to her and once again she began her detox.
Slowly, gradually, she began her ascent out of the darkness and started to think more clearly and feel more energetic. She had been heavily medicated and said that antidepressants helped but had side effects that left her numb. It was difficult for her to describe specifically how or why she knew the herbal supplements worked, but she credits her recovery to the herbal detox and the care she received from Serving Those Who Serve. Now, she has the clarity of mind and spirit that she had 10 years ago, before she had children, and is one of our most ardent supporters.
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