In the summer of 2003, we had a worker come to a meeting after taking the herbs for one month. He had worked in the cleanup effort and was exposed directly to the ash and smoke at the site over a long period of time. He told the group that he had been experiencing severe memory loss and had gone to his doctors for a diagnosis. They told him that there was nothing to worry about and that it was probably just stress.
A buddy who had worked with him at the site was experiencing the same condition but even more severely. In fact, while driving home in New Jersey one day, he simply forgot where he lived. He had to pull off the road and refer to a map. After 20 minutes of concentrating, things began to look familiar. You can imagine how shocking and frightening this experience must have been. He and his wife feared he had a brain tumor and wanted to schedule an MRI.
In the meantime, our STWS recipient had started taking the herbs and began to notice that his memory started to improve. His thinking was becoming clearer with less effort and his attitude changed. He realized that his condition was not permanent and in fact, was reversible. He was very excited about sharing his experience and in doing so, several other people in the audience who had come for the first time, were relieved to hear his story. They too had been having similar conditions and had never associated them with Ground Zero pollution or toxicity.
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