Mental Clarity (Focus) Dose: 1 tablet, 2 times daily
Mental Clarity helps reduce your risk for Alzheimer's disease, forgetfulness, confusion, depression, fear, anxiety, mental fatigue or lethargy. Increases your focus, awareness, clarity, mind power, concentration and total relaxation. This is the strong foundation you need for mental energy to help fortify and nourish your nerves and stay razor-sharp…without any of the harmful side effects you feel from caffeine... like the jitters or that letdown/depressed feeling.
This herbal formula basically creates balance (satva) of the mind. It nourishes the thinking, reasoning and creative functions of the mind. It strengthens mental stamina so the mind can handle trauma and fear with ease. By nourishing the nervous system, it promotes a strong and healthy intellect and memory.
Mental Clarity tranquilizes the nerves, thus relieving nervousness, fear and depression. A person becomes more stable and confident, calm and joyful. When the mental system is in balance, a person is also better equipped to deal with emotions that arise from stress, such as anger, anxiety, fear, despair, etc. After taking Mental Clarity regularly for just a few weeks, people may feel more contented, confident and calm, and less fearful and anxious.
We have not observed any abnormal symptoms during intake of this product.
Safe for vegetarians
Gentle, all natural herbal detoxifier
No animal testing
No harmful side effects
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