Immune Support Dose: 1 tablet, 2 times daily
When your body needs a boost to prevent you from getting sick from bronchitis, diabetes, arthritis, headaches, sinus problems, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, hormonal imbalances, allergies, infections or fatigue, this is the perfect formula you need to strengthen your immune system. Immune Support helps restore immunity, strength and well-being. There are so many reasons why your immune system becomes compromised: stress, anxiety and environmental pollutants.
These herbs rejuvenate the body's tissues, which ultimately strengthen the immune system itself. Ayurveda explains that after food is digested, the nutrient plasma is absorbed and converted into different tissues, where it gets deposited as immune cells. Toxins block this process, resulting in reduced nourishment of the tissues and immune system.
Overexposure to environmental pollutants can often cause too much heat in the body, resulting in burning away of all the nutrients eaten. Thus they are not available to form the tissues. Immune Support cools down excessive heat allowing nutrients to begin building the tissues.
Immune Support contains herbs that stimulate the digestive and metabolic processes. Thus, toxins get digested and blocks in the metabolic process can be dissolved. The herbs in this immune booster are rejuvenants that produce healthy tissue, enhance memory, intellect and health, and restore youthful enthusiasm and physical energy. After taking Immune Support regularly over a period of time, you may feel less fatigued physically, mentally and emotionally. The body becomes less susceptible to infections of various kinds, such as colds, flus and toxicity.
Safe for vegetarians
Gentle, all natural herbal detoxifier
No animal testing
No harmful side effects
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