Lung Formula Dose: 1 tablet, 2 times daily
When sinusitis, asthma cough, chronic cough, bronchitis and common cold systems invade, you feel miserable. Sometimes the symptoms persist and reoccur... but Lung Formula will rebuild your respiratory system to prevent all that. By eliminating toxins, it effectively reduces bronchial inflammations and normalizes all respiratory functions.
This Ayurvedic lung cleanse breaks down and eliminates toxic mucus, allowing the breath to pass easily through the respiratory channel. Normally, the passage of air (prana) from the head to the diaphragm creates a natural vacuum – inhalation and exhalation – in the respiratory channel. Whenever toxins block the respiratory channel they restrict the normal path of the breath. Lungs don't get enough oxygen and breathing is affected. Finally, less oxygen results in less energy that can also affect one's emotional vitality.
Toxins can affect other bodily functions, such as circulation and digestion, and perpetuate the problem. For instance, poor digestion creates more mucus, which moves up into the respiratory channel. When toxins enter through the atmosphere they lodge themselves in the mucus they created. When this toxic mucus (aama) accumulates in the respiratory channels, it blocks proper respiration. The herbs in Lung Formula ease breathing through their action of digesting and breaking down any blockage due to toxins. They can reduce inflammation of bronchioles by releasing the toxins, thereby increasing lung capacity and keeping the passages clean.
During this process, some people may experience the release of toxins through their mouth and nose in the form of mucus, within one to three weeks. For many people, toxins move down to the digestive tract and are removed from the system through the colon tract. It's normal for mucus to be passed through bowel movements.
As the cleansing effect of the herbs dislodges toxins, the mucus may form a blockage in the respiratory channel. Sometimes the result is strictured mucus membranes in the bronchioles. This cleansing eventually removes the obstruction. But detoxification may have a mild dehydrating effect on the respiratory channels. So, to ease this process, Lung Formula herbs moisten the dehydrated mucus, making it thin and easy to expectorate out of the respiratory channel. This may cause minor cough or cold symptoms but it can also relax bronchial spasms.
Safe for vegetarians
Gentle, all natural herbal detoxifier
No animal testing
No harmful side effects
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